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-ON TOUR NOW – US, UK and Canada
-Double Disc “LIVE AT THE MURDOCK” LP available Oct. 17th
-New Music on Bloodline, Portlandia, CSI, The Daily Show and Criminal Minds
-Sponsored by Raymond James for all Funding the Future shows in Colorado and California.



  • Date
  • Venue
  • Location
  • Apr 25
  • The Ivy - FREE Entry!
  • Sheerness
  • RSVP
  • Apr 28
  • Crete High School
  • Crete
  • RSVP
  • Apr 29
  • University Of Nebraska
  • Lincoln
  • RSVP
  • Apr 30
  • Arlington Middle/High School
  • Arlington
  • RSVP
  • Apr 30
  • South Omaha High School
  • Omaha
  • RSVP
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  • Like few others, this luxurious green room is equipped with a throne for....
  • Like few others, this luxurious green room is equipped with a throne for....
  • Wolverhampton, UK
  • Day off in Horsham, UK
  • Harlow, UK at The Square where Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Oasis and Sex Pistols have all jammed @BrokenChords_UK @Kyshera

The Band

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Soul-stirring, foot-stomping, widescreen Rock ‘n’ Roll from the plains. With 900 shows in 158 cities, this LA-based/Kansas bred power trio is by far one of the hardest working bands in America.

Making A Difference

GOODING PRESENTS: Funding The Future Live

Using the power of a live rock performance and our own personal story, “Funding The Future” inspires young people with lessons of finance and discipline to help them see their own dreams as possibilities.

“When Gooding comes back after the show and starts talking to the students, they are totally focused on what he is saying. I’ve never seen anyone deliver the message more effectively. It is brilliant” – Sacha Millstone, Millstone/Evans group – Raymond James

learn More at fundingthefuturelive.org >
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