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Join The Lil Red Army

Hello, friends!

Through the years of recording and touring we have amassed an archive of live and acoustic recordings, radio interviews and unreleased songs, and now we have a way to bring this all directly to your front door. We present to you THE LIL RED ARMY!

When you invest a minimum of $5 a month, we’ll send you a brand new exclusive/unreleased song every month, plus 4 songs from the back catalog.

LIL RED ARMY members also get ½ off merchandise online or at shows.

We will do live chats with our LIL RED ARMY members. We’ll answer questions and talk about what you want to hear on the records and at the shows.

It is month-to-month, so you can cancel any time.


We’ve been out on the open road for over a decade and we are so grateful for the people we have played for, the shows we have shared together, and most of all, that you are here with us right now. We want to give back.

LIL RED ARMY members will be on the inside of everything happening with the band and we want to make sure you feel like you are working on the records and on the road right beside us.

You can cancel ANY TIME, but your monthly investment will help keep the band on the road, keep the bus running smoothly, allow us to keep writing and recording, and support our charity, Funding the Future.

If you have any questions feel free to hit us up at lilredarmy@goodingmusic.com

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