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Black Angels

Black Angels

The ghosts wait up for me D A
I blink and you’re all that I see now Bmi G /Gmi
We tried but we’re running out
We’re running down I know
I won’t give up on you
No matter what filth you do- no no
The war is always on
Always cutting us in two

We are, we are the same B Bb* B Db*
We are, we are the same
Black angels moving through

I see the sign of fire
No voices on the wire
The world came a’ tumbling down
B4 I got to you
How much more can we take?
Crushed underneath the weight
8004 mistakes and one more for good measure

We are, we are the same (sting chord)
Fragile to all the flame/ One soul but different names
Black angels moving through

SOLO soft
CHORUS LOUD 1 5 6 4 – last time-
SOLO LOUD START 6 5 1 4 then back 1 5 6 4
We are we are….


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