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About the Band

Gooding, Guitar and Vocals


Name: Gooding
Zodiac: Pisces
Born: Ypsilanti, MI
Currently: Nashville, TN
Vitals: Brown hair; green eyes; 5’ 10”

Born outside of Detroit and raised by a Rock n’ Roll DJ father and classically trained mother, Gooding saw KISS at Age 4, heard Queen’s “Flash Gordon” soundtrack, and the die was cast forever. G moved to Wichita at age 12 with his mom and sister, and hid in his bedroom badly imitating Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Yngwie Malmsteen, and of course Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter. He started a recording studio in his high school basement and rented out studio time starting at $10/hr, which eventually turned into producing records and soundtracks in studios from Lawrence KS and Fort Collins, CO to LA and now Nashville. G has recorded/produced over 200 records, written over 2000 songs, had music in a whole bunch of film/tv shows/trailers and videogames, but has yet to fulfill his dream of giving Willie Nelson a big hug.

Books, movies, dogs, new yellow legal pads and new black pens

Locked doors, being at the airport early and Chick-fil-a

Fun Fact:
Has watched every season of West Wing and Newsroom at least 5 times

Interesting Fact:
G’s dad was on the FBI’s subversive list for protesting the Vietnam war, worked with Wolfman Jack, hung with Hell’s Angels and did enough drugs to kill a horse. This may explain why Gooding’s only way to rebel was to be a square.

Little Known Fact:
Collects maps and stickers


Instagram: goodingmusic
Facebook: gooding ICT

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