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King Of Nothing

The King of Nothing Eb 1 6 5 1 6 4 5 1

I cared about the wrong things- let it all slip away 1 4/6mi
Burnt up my days and turned your heart to stone 5 1
I know I should of called more
I should of come home
I know it’s only right that I ended up alone

Before the stars hit the ground 6 4 5 1
The earth cracks and the oceans all drown
Before all songs lose their sound 6 4 5 1
Would you pick up the phone? Please pick up the phone…

If we could go back 2x
If we could go back we could rule the entire world

We should of gotten married and moved so far away
This town full of hate could of never brought us down
I should of said I’m here love- 1000x a day
Is there any other way to bring us back around?

I’ll make sure my heart can’t be found 6 4
I’ll bury it deep under ground 5 1
No one can get to it now PAUSE… 6 4
It was only yours to take- only yours to break 5 1


I can’t believe
I can’t believe
I didn’t know just what I had


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