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Nowhere Bound

Is there a soul left in the world that
Knows the way I feel tonight and
Is there a book I’d never trade
That shows the wrong from right?
Is there a place we’ll all be healed
Where some kind of justice gets revealed and
Do the least among us get to walk out from the night?

Who will fix all the bones we break ?
Who will save all the love we waste
And time don’t make a sound
As it cuts us in the ground
Lord help us are we nowhere bound?

Is there a road that doesn’t bend?
A brand new story with a happy end?
Seems both the bad guys and the good guys are on the take
What’s the force that binds the stars and
Helps me learn from all these scars?
Won’t you lend a hand when everything’s at stake?


Where’s the hands that lift the sun?
That keep this from all coming undone?

music and lyrics by gooding

The Lockdown Sessions Vol. 1

The Lockdown Sessions Vol. 1
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