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Don't Look Back

I’m mean Johnny Green she’s little Millie Stahl
Mean since babies before we could crawl
Blood on the floor, blood on the wall
In a broken world it’s a’ winner take all

Judged by 12 and carried by 6
She pulled the trigger, I dug the ditch
Crossed the state line, there was a hitch
Somebody’s conscience started to itch

Breakers roar on a oneway track- don’t look back
Grist for the mill and coal for the stack- don’t look back
The days so grey and the nights so black- don’t look back
The only way forward is you don’t look back

Click lock behind us moon through the bars
Can’t see the sun, can’t see the stars
When every little dream gets hung up high
Two hands together get a laugh from the sky

The least among us always take the fall
But they never shoulda crossed us never at all
The weeds too low, the fence too high
The warden gonna suffer and the jailor gonna die


A good, good hanging, a clean fast break
We paid em’ to protect us but they all on the take
You think you know they game, they raise the stakes
We’ll leave it to the devil to round up these snakes…2x

music and lyrics by gooding
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