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Down In The Mine

Scanning the roads yeah you’re scanning trees
But you’ll never know what this land means to me
Cutting up numbers how much can you keep
I cannot leave here I’m five generations deep

The hills are all burning with gold and with green
But you poison and pillage our hilltops and streams
Comin’ for years been robbin’ us blind
You’ll never understand why we’re down in the mine

Blasting C4 for a heartless mad boss
I know the danger and I know the cost
Your money your power your law and your fines
You’ll never understand why we’re down in the…

Sisters and brothers with faces so mean
Nobody here is shaking hands with their dreams
99 cent store it breaks and it burns
You didn’t come here to listen didn’t come here to learn

Careful you’ll dirty your suit and your tie
No heat and no light you’ll be runnin’ round blind
Shouting you’re spewing your company line
But you’ll never understand why we’re down in the..

music and lyrics by gooding

99 Rebellions

99 Rebellions
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