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Starting in Again

Waiting on the air to change
Waiting to kick down something pure
Only so much we get to know
Nothing certain you can be sure
I don’t want inside your mind
Inside that misery

When we’re all just laid to rest
And there’s no more seeds to grow
What was our monument?
What more was there to know?
Don’t want inside regret
Inside that misery
Inside that misery

Are you afraid they’ll find you out?
(that you’ve got nothing to say)
Are you afraid they’ll maybe laugh
When you weren’t joking?
So you always keep it light
Don’t ever take the risk
And this is always just for play…

I’m just looking for a scripture
A map to my soul’s picture
A way in way back out
The anecdote to make us whole

Dredging peace from ash like flowers from the cracks
New sun — new rain — new battles — regrets are tiny heart attacks

Are you afraid they’ll find you out?
Are we starting in again?

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.

Tiny Heart Attacks

Tiny Heart Attacks
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