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Dark Horses

Dark horses
The jury said this town will fall
Like hell now I said
But I hear the thunder down the hall
Dark horses
They’ll light a fire to touch the sky
Dig in now I said
They can’t take you let them try

I won’t let anybody in
Won’t let anybody through
I am standing guard for you tonight
You’re the only one I want
And the only one I trust
I would lay down my life for you

Dark horses
This crooked house I hear it cry
“Let’s run now” you said
It’s time we pack and time we ride
Dark horses
Sleep a drug that I can’t buy
“Be strong now” you said
But fear is burning in your eyes

Dark horses
They want you but I can go
Like hell now I said
You won’t stand this trial alone
Dark horses
The streets are dead in this broken town
They should never have crossed us
Dark horses burn it down

©2013 Lil Red Music

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