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Down To Ol' Mexico

Bullet grey sky but the rain it never comes
The men are full of lies the greed made them numb
There’s war in the pipeline and war in the drums
They want it all

There’s nothin’ in the cupboard no nothin’ we can use
You can’t scare a father with nothing left to lose
When the family gets hungry there’s no path to choose
They want it all

I’m going down, down, down to Ol’ Mexico
Down, down, down where the poison rivers flow
Down, down, down where the lights are hanging low
Down to ol’ mexico, Down to ol’ mexico

They make you pay to sleep make you pay to eat
Make you pay to work til you admit defeat
Until they burn you know we will not sleep
They want it all

Hurts to make a sound No energy to shout
Life wont let you in and death won’t let you out
Sin is something sacred for half the devout
They want it all

Written by Gooding

Building The Sun

Building The Sun
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