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Bring The World Around

Bring your light bring your sound
From the river, the ground
Bring your dark bring your clouds
Are your doubts getting loud?

Well the world is waiting…

Bring a little bring a lot C X 5 X 0 5 5
Bring out everything you got B X 4 X 0 5 5
All your silver and gold E 0 2 X 0 5 5
Dreams of new, dreams of old F#+ 2 X 0 2 5 X
Bring the fire and the flood C
Bring the steel and the blood B
Just lift me up off the ground E
Let’s bring the world around F+

Bring your future your past
Make something that will last
Forged in rust forged in time
Forged in rhythm and rhyme

And the world is waiting now
And the world.. (Jesse kills big fill)

Every time I get time to think I just blow it baby C B D
I just let it fall down E
Got to hear my heart so clear C B ohhh
it’s a bent up bruised up broken sound and…


Written by Gooding and Erin O' Neill

Building The Sun

Building The Sun
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