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Junkie Weight

I’m up early today — getting centered and sane
Yeah I’m up early today

I’m up early today — getting out of my way
I’m up early today

I stand divided — my heart in my hand
You’re hurling the insults while failing to stand
I stand divided — my smile and my knife
Every time you hate yourself you choose death over life

Why can’t you relate?
Your soul’s a junkies weight
Why can’t you relate?

No sugar for your memory
No color for your hate
No bread for your pain
Your soul’s at a junkies weight
A junkie’s weight yeah…

It takes many levels to insulate
When your soul’s at a junkies weight

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.

Tiny Heart Attacks

Tiny Heart Attacks
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