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I want the path of most resistance
I want the path of breathing fire
I want below the deepest hell now
Will not stop I will not tire
I want to understand their cruelness
To take it in and still be kind
To set fire to every doubt those sick souls put here in my mind

I am awake, I am awake now
Nothing you can steal from me
Nothing you can take
I am awake

Keep all your shackles, these chains I will break
The bars on the windows I will escape
Build up your walls and strengthen your gates
Cause I am awake

Gonna dig down past the clay
Gonna down past the slate
Right past every fear that you’ll never, ever shake
Through the coldest of their hearts
I plant this white hot stake
A single thought you cannot take… I am awake


California Gold BSIDES

California Gold BSIDES
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