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Is there an angel for the broken?
Is there a bandage for your hand?
Is there a road we haven’t taken?
Is there a force that understands?

Is there a face still catching sunlight?
Tonight is seems all light is gone
I wake from dreams I can’t return to
I make my bed and carry on

Please tell me
Please tell me you’ll stay

It’s gotten late and we are shaken
We’ve seen too much and recognize
There’s a tear for every failure
This world is filled with stinging eyes

Is that a town off in the distance?
Supplies are low and there is fear
I’d be lying if I told you
It wasn’t me that got us here

Is there a room where we can hide out
Just lock the door and disappear
We hear them fire but we are still now
Hold my hand as the taker nears

Please tell me
Please tell me you’ll stay

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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