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California Soon

California Soon

The light is coming up now and the family’s broken tired
I been up for 3 days, pills and coffee got me wired
Everything that we got now packed so tightly in this car
I promised her the moon now, I Promised her the stars

Will the kids just stay asleep now?
Will the engine make it through?
The past can get so heavy it can run right over you

I got an ordinary life now, ordinary wins
Ordinary problems, ordinary sins
Every song on the radio
Seems a little outta tune
Maybe we’ll get back to California soon

Our fears got so big now, much too big to face
Working every job down I’m running right in place
I tried to move down country, I Tried to make it there
But you can work your fingers to the bone and nobody seems to care


Maybe we can make it, leave it all behind
Kill these broken years lit up so brightly in our minds



The Forgotten Plains Vol. 1

The Forgotten Plains Vol. 1
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