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The Show

The Show

It’s freezing here in Lincoln and it looks like no ones home
The motel smells of ashtrays, bleach and cheap cologne
Ten times through a city it starts to feel the same
What more can I give up to be heard to make a name

She takes what she wants
She don’t care it all
She takes what she wants and leaves you nothing

Diners, drives and truck stops, a world that’s dying slow
I bought the 10 last postcards but there ain’t 10 friends left to know
Killing time with the bottle, 3 months left to go
No home to come back to, everything for the show

I never started that family, no time to slow down
I got what I deserve now, an empty home an empty sound
The road ain’t ever over though your body says it’s through
Let’s try something a little heavier til I’m not me and you’re not you


At the start your hope is endless
There’s no fear and there’s no doubt
It’s hard to get in this business but it’s harder to get out
The exit signs in the blackness flash the mess we’re in
Careful what you wish for
You could get it in the end



The Forgotten Plains Vol. 1

The Forgotten Plains Vol. 1
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