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Right Out Loud

It takes a bit of work to get fully awake
It takes a bit of work to get fully alive
We’ve got no more time left here to waste
I did not come here just to survive

You come to know birth
You come to know death
You come to know what’s in between is fleeting at best
Better get your head around it now

You come to know love
You come to know hate
You come to know the future has no need to hesitate
Better get to dreaming right out loud
Dreaming right out loud

Your spirit getting thin
Your laughter it’s subsides
The smallest drop of doubt
Can inch its way inside

You’re pushing way too hard
There’s one thing you haven’t tried
Stop this fight with your heart and
Put your love on high

Can you feel it getting closer?

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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