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World Can Wait

I see that you’ve lost your best laid plans
The key to the city slipped right through your hands
Your waiting anticipating honing your battle plans
But the world can wait

The rescue you’ll find is right on time
The freedom of mind a warning sign
Just slow down, open up and see just what you find inside
The world can wait – The world can wait

Can’t find the forest from the trees
Damn you’re a lot like me
On space and time we feed
Urgency won’t let us breathe

It’s not hard to read, It’s there on the wall
Climbed up so high theres nothing but the fall
You build it, break it, burn it, right on down to the ground now
And the world will wait
The world can wait

It goes round and round

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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