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Still Holding On

Tonight I’ll bet it all at once
I’ll trust that we weren’t wrong
And tonight I’ll bleed it out the lines
And let you become my song

Tell me its not too late
Give me the smallest sign
Forever I will wait
Forever I’ll tow the line
I’m pacing this old wood floor below me
All the way down into hell…

And I – can’t feel anything now you’re gone
And I – can’t feel anything
And I – cant feel anything now you’re gone
I’m singing to a shipwreck loud as I can

We will bend We will break
We will make some mistakes
There’ll be days that everything feels wrong
We will give we will take
Both our hearts might break
But I promise I’m still holding on

Tonight – I’ll reach through the dark
And erase these miles to you
Tonight – there’s nothing can come between us
And nothing ever going to

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