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Girl Disappears Again

You are the needle that I swallowed
Flitting around in my soul
The empty laughter of a young man
Who remembers being whole
You’re the rope I can’t reach
At the bottom of the well
Looking up — the night stars trace your face
But you leave me here to dwell

I’m waiting for atonement
I’m waiting on your demands
I want to be your heart-star
I need to be your man

My love — I left you in the dark
And you learned to love it there
Now I’m losing daylight and you’re everywhere
My love — I left you in the dark
But you learned to love it there
Now you’re haunting me and stealing all my air

The girl disappeared again
I don’t why — I don’t know when — all my nows all her thens

Like a lid stone weighing anvil
She moved and put aside
Uncovering all my fears and raging all my tides
And I can never sleep now
My head is burning sand
I ran to end of this earth
and I’m still curled up in her hands

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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