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Walking Around with the Lights Off

You’re walking around with the lights off
Walking around in your head
Feeling much more alive
Knowing that your heart is playing dead
Walking around with the lights off
Nothing else you can do
If you’d turn around you’d look and see
There’s a million others just like you

Excuses fall from the sky
But little steps will make one big stride
Got to start somewhere or luck falls behind
So many tangled up lines
Preachers preaching about borrowed time
Fears got rhythm but hopes got rhyme

Your heart the only way in
No more false starts no more pretends
Love is the place where this all begins

Pride an arrow that poisons your heart
Regret a rumble that’s low at the start
Panic throws her cards in the air
If fate is set than why should we care?
No more road if we stop right here
Philosophy ain’t got me nowhere
So I choose love and hope I to find you there

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