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Get it Right this Time

This is the show you cannot miss
When all of your pain becomes a gift
Through the rubble you crawl you sort you sift
When you think you got no more you feel a lift…

I can’t lie here and just wait for them to say….
Waste another day
Dreamers don’t hesitate
It’s time to storm the gate.

I know you were told
You be careful where you look now
I know its been sold
That god is not inside.
And I know that it’s late
And you’re trying to get some rest now
It’s good when the road begins to climb
Maybe we’ll get it right this time.

You can be friends with bums and kings
On the rockiest ground you spread your wings
You cannot hide from all that’s real
The more that you avoid the less you feel.

I will not drown in this wake
I will not break in this tide
I will not live to be afraid
In the dark our strength resides.

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