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Last Flame from the Shipwreck

I’ve never wanted you so much
The years have shown us all the ties
The world has carved up all its promises
The world can keep waiting right outside

I’ve never needed you so much
You’re the anchor in this ragged, raging tide
I can’t find the light out on the shoreline
But I feel you – right here at my side

The years we lost can’t count or quantify
The crossing t’s and dotting of the I’s
Love don’t care about logic and
Love don’t care about why
We drew our boundaries – love got left outside

Love’s not flesh or steel but sound
And it’s slowly making its way on down
Through the slipstream – the sickened undertow
I’ll see you – where the dark ships cannot go

The next world can’t be as cruel as this
I’ll see you there, and we’ll get some rest
I’ll see you at dawn, in your Sunday best

Meet me at the last flame from the shipwreck

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