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Spent up all my money
Drank up all my wine
Bleeding out your colors
Praying for a sign
You think just like a killer
Never seem surprised
Dancing through the desert
A dust storm in your eyes

Lila, Lila – The cruel and broken down
Their rusted hearted sound
Got nothing to do with me
Lila, Lila- Leave this broken town
Or things will never (again) be easy
You’ll never again be free

All the quiet killers
Right outside the door
Blades are sharp and steady
We can’t hide no more
Life is on the wire
Abandon all the rules
God he loves us sinners
God he loves us fools

I can’t keep you safe here
I can’t keep you whole
Burn the thread and run love
Take back all they stole

Words and Music by Gooding
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