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You kill all your demons
For the pain they put you through
But there’s still one demon
And he’s starting to look like you

You kill all your anger
Safely tip toe around
Never let them find you
Lock up all that you found

You kill all your lovers
Looking for something brand new
The chase is the prize now
Don’t let them find a way through

The end of the season, so cold and so dead
Every mistake ringing deep in your head
A world of dust about to explode
The end is around you, naked and cold

You kill all your brothers
And maybe it’s dawning on you
Spent your whole life running
And now life is running out on you

Kill all your best friends
Wouldn’t do what they wanted you to do
The world is getting tiny now
Cause you’re. Just. Left. With. You.

Words and Music by Gooding
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