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Medicine Man

When the storm is coming down
And the wind is picking up
Your time is running out
And so is your luck
When the clouds are rolling in
And the rain is getting cold
And there is no salvation taking hold

I got just the thing
Don’t let nobody see
Hold out your tired hands and come with me

I’m your medicine man
I’m your medicine man
You can come with me
You can come with me

When the children all leave town
And the preacher is telling lies
The train it never comes
And they’re pulling up the ties
When the dream is fading out
And the doubt is creeping in
When you are just too tired to begin again

When the jury has agreed
And revenge was their guide
When there are no more hills for us to hide
When the wolf is at your door
And fear is at your side
I’ll see you down in hell and we will ride

Words and Music by Gooding


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