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A Father's Song

A Father’s Song

Strong arms to lift the sun
Hold the line, tell you not to run
Strong hands til the work is done
Stronger than an army
Stronger than a gun

No you won’t have to wonder
My daughter, my son
If it all comes crashing down
Leave this broken town
Be better than your father
Better this time around

Strong hearts that won’t give in
Take the hurt, til luck comes round again
Strong minds to see the risk
In all of this
Everything I missed

No one can get to you
Unless they go through me
I’d burn this earth right down
To keep you safe
To keep you free
I love you first
I love you last
I love you everything in between
You’re the best thing that I’ve done
The best thing that I found
Better this time around

Better this time around

Words and Music by Gooding


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