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Beyond The Surface

Dress your wounds now
We’ve still got a long, long way to go
We could stop right here
But we’d forever want to know

We’re floating out too deep
There’s nothing left to feel here
We’ve done and seen it all
Still not enough my dear

I can’t be your rescue ship
The last man drown and I was a part of it
Now my soul will lie at the bottom of the sea, the sea

You shut your eyes so tight
Letting the storm roll by
There is no map to follow
There are no stars to guide
Here at the end of the world
Breaking the ties that bind
We’ve made the surface now
But there’s no horizon line

I can’t be your compass map now
North or South won’t ease this trap
So dress your wounds
This will all be over soon


Green, Gold and Rust

Green, Gold and Rust
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