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Set To Burn

Comin out swingin
Theres a cold you cant shake
If the winter gets inside you
Your bones were built to break
Comin out swingin
Well love just likes to take
She finds you where you live
And pushes where you ache

And im not fighting anymore

Everything that came before me
Is mine to unlearn
A crumpled page left unturned
Everything was laid before me
But I cannot return
This house is set to burn

Coming out swinging
Moving past – moving on
The time that we wasted
Got so clear when you were gone
Coming out swinging
Darkest before the dawn
Excuses the plot anger builds her mansion on

And I’m not angry anymore

You busy your day but you don’t take a stand
Life was at your service but you made no demands
A little bit of that-a little bit of this right through your hands
If you want god to laugh
Go and tell him your plans…

Green, Gold and Rust

Green, Gold and Rust
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