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Running Down

Got a dustbowl headache
And hands that bleed
No water in the sky
No life in the seeds
Demons in the field
And it’s time for ‘em to feed
I’m running down

Left outta Blackwell
A pyramid of fire
Got a gunshot reverb
A warning on the wire
I knew we’d make it out
But she made me a liar
I’m running down

Got stars that blink
In this deadly cold
Got a carnivale barker
Singing “roll boys roll…”
Shackles on my feet
Handcuffs on my soul
I’m running down

You can close your eyes
But you can’t ignore
You think you lost it all
You find you had a little more
I ain’t leaving this fight
But I’m keeping my eye on the door
I’m running down
I’m running down
I’m running down

Green, Gold and Rust

Green, Gold and Rust
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