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Halcyon Days

One more night you waste in your room
I’m liftoff I can’t soak up your gloom
The bright taste has left us behind
Must leave you to keep with my mind

Early early on
The light kept up strong
Early early on
The world it sang our song
Early early but’s its dark now
I’m moving on

One more night to search what I know
One more night to play it back slow
I’ve got no more room for your rage
Can’t get back to the halcyon days

No cover — default to my will
Your ammo is stacked to the gills
No machines that we’ve dreamt up or made
Can bring back the halcyon days

What talon said — decide and go for that — golden era — when things were taken in the best Possible light — now everything is magnified and wrong

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.

7 - b-side

7 - b-side
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