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Insert Broken Heart Here

It’s only right
That it would storm today
On the day you said goodbye
Of course goodbye
Hurt fills a heart
And then leaves everything else outside

Yeah you lied
Cause I’d go for anything
I’d go for anything you say
So naive
Just living for today
Don’t you wish your heart could work that way?

You saw your mark
You saw a gleam in my eye
Pulled to it like firelight but got afraid
This kind of heat is how we’re made
Formed by joy and suffering
Both edges of an angry blade

You wont make me hate you
You wont make me run
I know damn well why I’ve done everything that I’ve done
This may never work out
Fate don’t owe a thing
If I knew you would of broke my heart
I’d still given everything but you lied…

Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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