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Rank and File

We believe in supermarkets
Short bursts of news like stick on tattoos
That someone died for our sins
And rich people get the blues
Rank and file and error and trial to get born in a nice family
Hell you might even get to be president
We’ll make some calls – see what we can see

We bought everything there is to buy – tried on everything to try
Did it all and said it all today
When did peace and love become rhetoric – too cynical to change
Every move we make is the world itself – time to reverse and rearrange
Reverse and rearrange

We will divide you – we will conquer your mind
Keeping up with the Jones’ – little feet they march in time
We will divide you – if you’re standing on that line
Fear is a ruler – your little feet will march in time
March in time
It’s marching time – stop

Regenerate – accumulate – we leave little in our wake
I tried to sort it, reconcile it – what’s mine and yours to take
Boxes bins and baby bottles – too many mouths to feed
Man next to you, needs a little help – but you can’t stop moving your feet


Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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