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This Way Child

We’re about to come to blows but I don’t mind
I’m unafraid – I’m finding out just how we’re made
When you’re tired of feeling tired and sick of being sick
Light shines on your door- gotta push up against it-
Gotta get on with it now

C- Gotta use what I got to pull me through
Sway child, this way child, it’s okay child, you’re gonna get through

No preparation for the chaos no time to pack your bags
Welcome to the next moment, it’s the best you’ve ever had
Here’s your new beginning where time can stretch and shrink and sway
Where we rule with no fear and things always go our way


Everybody’s lost control but no one really seems to mind
Everybody’s complaining but no one has the time
Some think it might be true we pay for everything we do
But I see evil wearing a smile, bruises that stick around awhile
We fight and fight to hold on, to believe that nothings wrong
To turn our backs on our monsters and carry on carry on carry on


Lyrics by Gooding. Copyright 2011 Kingdom 2 Music. All rights reserved.
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